How to make money with infrared seminars being held across N. America.

Steve Ramos is a NACHI member BTW.

I saw Steve speak last week at the WAHI fall conference in La Crosse, WI last Saturday. He did a fine job and is worth the listen. IMHO

He discussed several pricing strategies for being successful with TI.

He also shared a case where the use of the TI saved him from a potential liability claim against him.

Looks like it will be a great class. It also looks like a great reason to fly to Vegas.

The IR camera is spreading across the U.S. and home inspectors need to
jump on this wave now.

Ha, Ha! ROTFLMAO. As if the first NACHI Texas Hold 'em champion needs a reason to fly to Vegas. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in talks to have this class bought to Dallas and Houston.
Looking good so far.

John Onofrey,
Can you help with any emails announcements to inspectors
if this thing comes to Houston? This will help them come
to Texas if we can get some folks to come to the class.

You should have seen him a couple of weeks ago when he won a multi-table Omaha Tournament at the Hard Rock in Tampa. :smiley:


I hope to see you again at the convention in Vegas.

Likewise Greg. I hope there is another Texas hold 'em tournament and you win it again.

Billiards is my game. Perhaps we should have a NACHI billiards tournament also! :wink:

John M. I sent you a PM.

I made it to the Dec 5th lecture. I have to say it was well worth the hours of driving I had to do. I got valuable information, and got to shake Steve Ramos’ hand. Told him my 5 year old son loves when he points out dead things found in crawl spaces.

I recommend this to other IR newbies.