How to make over 5 million dollars

Fwiw the fee associated with the next group will most likely be…


Initial application, including background review and one Test Inspection (CAHPI-affiliated member) $500

Initial application, including background review and one Test Inspection (other association) $1,100

Certainly an overwhelming number of Nachi members are seeking certification or have been accepted in the first lot. Hmmm. :wink:

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON
The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely. - Sir William Osler 1905

WOW 5000 inspectors(qouted by you know who)
times $1,100 = $5,500,000
Just for application, background review and a test inspection.

This is another proof that CAHPI is nothing more than “cash cow” machine :frowning:

  1. TIPR Examinations

Despite the efforts of the Chief Examiner, the number of Pilot Project Applicants who have been subjected to the TIPR Review is lower than anticipated at this point in the project. To date, about half of the participants have been examined. We have examiners in all regions now, but they are slow to organize TIPR sessions for some reason. The Chief Examiner cannot be expected to travel to every TIPR in the country. That is why we have a number of examiners in each province.
Unfortunately, it has been quite obvious that some regions are using the TIPR process as a political football. Some TIPR sessions have taken place with fewer than the desired number of applicants, while local inspectors in the Pilot Project were not notified about the event. It is disappointing to see personal interests and petty politics interfering with this project. This has been and must continue to be an inclusive and fair Program.

We need to encourage our regional bodies to urge their boards and members to put aside their feelings towards other individuals and organizations. The future of the Canadian Home Inspection profession needs this National Certification Program to be successful.
The Coordinator has instructed the Chief Examiner to do whatever is necessary to process all of the Pilot Project people through at least one TIPR session no later than August 31, 2006. Unfortunately, since our finances will not allow much travel, he needs to rely on people in the various regions to organize the sessions. On the other hand, the original plan for the TIPR process was that the Chief Examiner could delegate these tasks to his Examiners in the field.

It is not necessarily difficult to organize a TIPR session, yet some people have intentionally made it as complex and frustrating as possible.