How to obtain Complete 40 hours of field experience?

Hello all,

I am trying to get back into home inspections in ohio. I was a home inspector from 2017-2018 timeframe. I was running an electrical contractor business as well and home inspections was something I was trying to do in addition, but it didnt fit in with my life and availability at the moment. I am slowly letting my Electrical business go as I am unable to do so due to health reasons. I would like to get back into inspections, but the law has changed. A new requirement for state license is “1. Complete 40 hours of field experience or 10 parallel inspections”. I wonder if my previous inspections would be acceptable for this one requirement. I cant imagine another company would allow me to come on for 40 hours or to oversee 10 inspections. I would just be competition that they surely dont want. Thanks in advance.

Welcome back Corey. I would think they would count. I would submit them to the state for licensure and see what happens.