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Great new course!

Great new course!

Great course with many great photo’s! :grin:

With that being said…

The attached photo is of a stump of a 75 year old Maple which was cut down about 7 years ago due to severe rot to the heartwood which created a large cavity within the trunk. The cavity allowed for the local squirrel population to inhabit the tree. The tree was approximately 15 feet midway between the electrical power lines and a 2.5 story, 125 year old Queen Anne Victorian home. The tree was approximately 60 feet tall when it was felled. Currently, the tree stump is infested with Carpenter ants, and suspect other WDI (which are not visible). It is recommended that a qualified stump grinding company remove the decaying stump and roots, and a licensed pest inspector/exterminator chemically treat the area to prevent the migration of the pests to the historic wood clad home.

Btw… the course was very well written and informative. I did discover an incorrect answer on one of the quizzes, which I will forward the information to Ben for correction.

No pic attached JJ. :wink:

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Trees of Pinehurst Texas

These trees are probably over 75 years old. The pine tree and oak started life too close together and neither one was wiling to let the other tree have it’s space. The oak tree has molded itself around the pine tree in several areas. The pine tree over time has grow taller than the the oak, but to not to be out done, the oak has spread it long branches to reach out to get the necessary sun light .

Install ceiling fans in rooms.
Replace air filters frequently
Use programmable Thermostats in the house
Install tankless water heater
Use LED lights throughout the house
Seal and insulate the house
Install water efficient showerheads and toilets
Dual flushes toilets can be installed.
Insulate and seal windows and doors
Clean the lint trap in the dryer
Use the clothes washing machine only when a full load is ready to be washed

It just keeps getting better :roll:

There are some great pictures JJ!

There was a wrong answer on a quiz about a small property and the size of the tree height zone.

Also, I believe in this section of the course the word root (in blue) should actually be branches, to redistribute the weight.


Most trees don’t grow completely straight; a little bit of lean is normal. However, if a tree begins to lean when it didn’t before, this is a sign of a problem. There can be different reasons for this condition, such as poor weight distribution or root damage. Signs of a new lean include soil heaving, or exposed roots on one side. If necessary, move any brush or leaves aside to view the soil around the trunk to see if any roots are exposed. Soil that is so raised that you can see the root sticking out is a sign of advanced uprooting.

As a preventative measure, the homeowner can prune the roots on one side of a tree that is leaning"

Tree Essay (Southwest mountainous area):

There is a tree next to the home that is excessively leaning and it has the potential to cause structural damage if it were to topple. Of greater concern is the tree being a fuel source in case of a wildfire. It is recommended to clear all fuel sources fifteen feet from the perimeter of the home and outbuildings.

(canned comment)
Create a fire fuel source free zone around the perimeter of the home. A properly implemented defensible zone greatly reduces wildfire hazards to almost nothing. The forest service has excellent recommendations that are easily implemented. Knowledge and preventative actions will lead to security and peace of mind.

Research Essay:

Unvented combustion appliances are restricted in many areas of the US and the local AHJ will determine if they are allowed. They present a significant health hazard by potentially using the available oxygen and producing carbon monoxide as a byproduct. An inspector should check to see that the room meets the minimum area volume specified by the manufacturer and after running the appliance for ten minutes measure the CO levels (less than 35 ppm). They are not to be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, or confined spaces. They should be equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor and a UL rated CO detector should be installed as well.

Unvented combustion appliances produce about 1 gallon of water vapor for every 100k BTU of fuel burned.

This is a peach tree. It is a healthy tree and produced fruit this year. There are some low hanging limbs that need to be trimmed this fall so that it will be easier to mow under next year. This tree is in a good place in a yard far enough away from any structure that it will never become a problem with limbs or a fife hazard.

Tree Essay

These are pictures of a maple tree that is about 60 feet tall and about 25 feet from the house.

  As you can see the tree has multiple trucks (also known as “Fork Trunks”), with “Included Bark”.  The included bark has fallen off on one side of the trunk indicating that the tree is under immense strain.  A seedling of some other kind of plant can be seen starting to grow from the fork area which would indicate some wood decay to this area

 Recommend to the client that they consult with a certified arborist who can do a further analysis of the trees condition and advise them with the best options that they may have for the tree.

Kitec Fittings essay

I have read the article about KITEC Fittings and have learned that the fitting is a brand of brass fittings which were recalled in 2005. IPEX manufactured the fittings with a high percentage of zinc making them vulnerable to corrosion. As water passes through the fitting, it corrodes the metal and the zinc will leaches from the brass and creates a powdery buildup inside the fitting restricting water flow, and can cause the pipes to burst.
Only a plumber can tell if the fittings are Kitec because most of the fittings are located inside the walls of a home. The plumber will need to drill large holes in the walls to determine this which is beyond the scope of a home inspection. A home inspector may be able to inform a home owner about the Kitec fittings if he finds a Notice at the electrical panel that states: CAUTION! – This building has nonmetallic interior water piping. – DO NOT GROUND - KITEC

This Norfolk Pine tree is too close to the house. It is taller than the roof and could easily damage the roof and the house if the wind blows it over. These trees grow up to 150 feet tall and can drop large branches. Now is a good time to cut it down before it becomes too large to cut down in one piece. Cutting it down will not kill it. You can maintain it as a short tree for decorative purposes by pruning it every few years.

DSCN0962 copy.JPG

Basically all rooms should have a switch to turn on a light. If it is used for living area it must be wall switched, also if it is used for storage purposes. Any staircase of more than 6 steps requires a switch at the top and the bottom. Any wall receptacle must be within 6 feet of a lamp or other electrical appliance.

This is a tree that is in my neighbours yard but a lot of it hangs over my property. There are a lot of dead limbs that fall in my yard. I have had a couple fall on my roof. There is bark that is missing on the trunk. I need to recommend it be taken care of