How to populate Spectora to a existing internet page

Last night my head was spinning trying to figure out how to get Spectora to populate my pre-existing internet page?
Then I was thinking how to I link my business account to Spectora?
If you guys could head me in the right direction to find the answers it would be great…
This “getting a business going” tends to rob sleep at night because of not knowing how this stuff works…

Don’t know…someone will be along shortly.

What’s a Spectora?


Hi Gary. Spectora is web based on their servers, but you have a local smartphone app to conduct an inspection, then upload that data to Spectoras server and edit and publish on it.
Don’t quite get what you want to do, but the people there are very responsive and tech savvy.
Get in touch with them. If you have Spectora installed use the green chat bubble

Yes, this ^^^^^

Are you in the. Spectora facebook group?

I wanted to have Spectora schedule appointments, billing, and work agreements automatically work with a touch of a button that is provided on my web page.
It would be cool if my web page & Spectora work as a single component…

That is a great idea!

Did you have any luck with this? I want to go another route with my website, but I want to use Spectora’s scheduler so when an appointment gets booked it does all of the automatics from spectora. I am pretty sure there is a copy paste widget within spectora, I am just wondering how well it integrates.

I can’t help with your Spectora question but…

Welcome to our forum, John!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Good Morning John,
I found that I have to learn how to manipulate “Iframe” language, I wasn’t willing to deal with it. So with that said, I bit the bullet and bought the Spectora package “web site, e-mail, scheduler, etc” It works great, when I am at work I get a e-mail saying that I have a Home or Radon inspection set up and paid for at a certain time.
Back to your question, I didn’t get Spectora to populate my web site, I took the easy way out.

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