how to post a pic

I have an amazing picture of one of our fellow HI’s in the performance of his duties that I would like to post if some kind soul could give me direction. No, the pic is not of me.

When you go to post a message just scroll down and click on the manage attachment button, select you file and upload

If you cannot do it send to me. I can.

Regular email of course.

thanks, guys. I’ll try it.

AubreyKahn.JPG (227

hope this opens

can you believe this Little Giant actually got this guy on the roof? Amazing ladder.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Kahn is a roof expert.

Well, not a problem climb for me yet. :wink:

Roof don’t look that bad. :slight_smile:

If you think carpet burn is bad wait until you warm up those shingles with a knee cap:D

When I worked construction in Orlando 42 years ago, I had long pants, today, I still have long pants.
And I agree with you. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Interesting, I always wear light weight tactical pants and have been thinking of switching to light weight tactical shorts.

Aubrey will do anything to get away from his wife for a little peace and quiet!

Roof don’t look that bad. :smile:

Leaks like a sieve due to improper flashing. chimney sits between two HIPs and holds water as no one built a proper cricket to deflect the water away.

John, try the tropic weight pants from LL Bean. Wear like iron, 6 oz weight, drys in minutes. they have shorts too but the pants are just as cool as shorts. cheap too - about $20 or so each. I bought 12 pair and love them. wash and wear.

Aubrey will do anything to get away from his wife for a little peace and quiet!

I hear she promised not to climb trees anymore!

I will check them out

That sounds good. Do you have a link?
All I could find was:


I’ve been using fishing pants with the removal leggings. I wear them as shorts, very comfortable?..But I have the option of being in long pant by zipping on the legs.