How to prepare for the ICC Residential Plumbing Inspector exam

I’ve been studying the IRC 2003, but if anyone has any recommendations on what to expect on the test, or the best way to prepare please give your feedback.

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Come on Steve I was just sharing some valuable information and answering his question.

I have to go with Greg on this one, and Kip, get some tacky finger for turning all those pages.

Steve, the shameless plug only relates to the electrical section, for plumbing it would have to be concidered a shameless stopper :mrgreen:

Sorry Greg couldn’t resist :wink:



Good one Gerry


The ICC Website says that after Jan 1, 07 their tests will all be based on the )6’ International Regs…

Does your online training include the update to 06’?

Hi Lewis,

Anyone that orders the 2003 now will receive the 2006 update (upon request) at no charge. Just so you know the date for changing the test format has changed on a regular basis.


when approx. do you expect the 2006 version to be available ? :slight_smile:

Hi Raymond,

We will have the 2006 files ready for the ACE Program by December.