How to pull out the "Stop Tube" (Moen 1225 cartridge)

My bathroom shower faucet is leaking. I opened the cover plate but I can not pull out the central cartridge no matter how hard I tried because I think it is locked by the cartridge retaining clip (U) which is attached to the inside “Stop Tube”. This Stop Tube is fixed and I have no way to remove or pull out it from the wall. ( Last time a plumber used Moen Magnum Replacement Cartridge 1225).
I am wondering if anyone can teach me how to pull out the Stop Tube, the U Clip and the cartridge so I can replace it. Please help and really appreciated.



Most of the members here will hesitate about giving DYI advice. I have done it myself but I can’t recall the Moen cartridge number. From your description is sounds similar to the one I have done.

My suggestion would be to call a plumber and watch them carefully. Yes you will have to pay for it, but it would be much cheaper in the long run than ruining the valve body and having to have it replaced.

One thing to remember is that there is water pressure (even with the water turned off) behind that cartridge and if you don’t relieve the pressure you may not be able to pull the retainer clip. Then you are up against the seal the o-rings make with the body. Depending on how long they have been there, they may be slightly siezed to the body, which can make removal more difficult. That and there is not much to grab onto.

As I said I would suggest calling a plumber and watching carefully. If something goes awry it is best to have a professional around.

Which model Moen faucet do you have?
I may be able to help you if I know which one you have.

go to

You are fast…or my typing is very slow. Excellent link for consumer help.

Does this help?

Very nice, Paul. I had forgotten about that nice post last year. :wink:

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Pulling a Moen cartridge can be frustrating because sometimes they are seized in. I have a special tool for pull them if pliers don’t work which usually they don’t.

The pin will usually come out with needle nose pliers. Make sure the cartridge is in straight otherwise it may catch and the retaining pin may not come out or brake off. The pin has little ears on the sides. If you have the Moen puller be sure to rotate the cartridge around first to help break it free. Then screw in the tool into the cartridge where the screw hole for the handle goes in. Then using a crescent wrench turn it until the cartridge starts to come out. It may resist but eventually it will come out. I have had a few that I pulled the guts out of the cartridge and had to replace the faucet.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

I reread your post and saw you also had a problem with the cover over the retaining pin. These to can be a bear to pull but I’ve always got them out with needle nose pliers. They pull straight out.

It is best to use a OEM Moen cartridge instead of the cheap plastic ones. They seem to last longer.

One more thing to mention. If you’re succesful in replacing it but your hot and cold is reversed, simply rotate the brass piece that the handle screws into 180 degrees. This should get the hot and cold where they belong.