How to push foundation wall out, careful lol and crawlspace inspection video

1:35 I beams previously installed lol

2:45 says where leaking was worst

6:50 spray foam?

7:10 J SHELDON note, he says he paid $1,000 for excavator and also said another guy wanted $4,000

crawlspace fun, some reasons why i do not care for encapsulation

2:35 because they cover, hide pretty much everything, they slap visqueen/plastic over shit i want to SEE like this, and the walls etc

3:30 water intrusion n quite a bit … the INT system morons wouldn’t stop the water, they would cover most or all of the walls and allow the water to continue to enter = STUPID!

Interesting videos Mark. Just shaking my head a little watching this guy pushing out his foundation.
He really does not know what he is up against.
Hold the bottom of the wall with lag bolts. LOL Wow!
I wish him luck.

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agree Marcel lol