How to Reduce Repetitive Data Entry

It would be cool if I could autofill my clients information from the (InterNACHI) inspection agreement to the homeowner newsletter form or have an option to add them to the newsletter X amount of days after signing the agreement.
I would love to cut down on repetitive data entry without signing up for additional outside help.

What helps you all with reducing repetitive data entry?

I’ve looked into HomeGauge Services and ISN. What other options are available?

ISN, hands down ������

I will need to revisit them and all they have to offer. (ISN)

FYI: ISN was bought by Porch.

Important update about’s purchase of Inspection Support Network (ISN).

I was concerned about my clients information, and now it almost feels like before not to long we will all be one happy family.
I’ve been holding back to see where/how a lot of the changes will play out.

Copy and Paste
Always works for me

David, I asked about that a couple of years ago and they were working on it. ISN is great. I have come to the realization that I am not going to be able to keep my client from getting their data used by others. As soon as they look for a mortgage or check their credit or buy appliances or buy carpet etc. they have opened the data door. Google shoes and see how many people know you are looking for shoes.