How to report lack of GFCIs

I would like to know how other home inspectors report the lack of GFCIs Do you reort is as a potential safety hazard, just as a general comment, or mention it to the customer and not record it.
Also how are you reporting Federal Pacific Stab Lok circuit panels?

Thanks Ed

Recomend GFCI as an upgrade and explain how they work,since you are not a code Inspector.

  1. What year was the house built?
  2. What’s wrong with the “Stab-Loc”?

Here’s a handy feature. :shock:


Certain year built they are an upgrade

Certain year built they are a REQUIREMENT


It doesn’t matter what year the house was built…unless you are an AHJ applying the code.

As a home inspector, you identify the fact that the existing location of non-GFCI receptacles present a hazard and that the hazard can be addressed with GFCI receptacles…a device that is required in homes being built, today, where requirements exist.

I also report to my client on the history of Federal Pacific panels and advise them to either have the panel replaced or to place a smoke alarm immediately above it.

Exactly,though I usually just defer to an Electrician after the history lesson.