How to report WDI On your reports

I have been having a bit of problem with another Inspector forum page concerning The reporting Of wood destroying Insects when found during a home inspection . My reports are loaded with photos so there is no hiding my findings . I have been told that I cant even report WDI in ohio with out being license to do so . how ever they also state that when doing a home inspection and and when a I come a cross the evidence as long as Im not doing a pest inpection for a real estate transaction ( which means Being hired for just that . ) I can report my findings to my clients as long as I recommend a state licensed Pest inspection is requested . What is your input on this and am I right Or wrong ?

I and many others would tell you not to use the word termite. The problem is, if your not a licensed termite inspector, how do you know its termite damage?

As an inspector you should note the damage. But unless your an expert on termites and termite damaged, ie licensed, you should stay away from trying to diagnose what caused the damage. Stick to using a generic term like WDI.