How to Upload an Image to the InterNACHI Message Board Forum

Watch this short video on how to upload an image to the InterNACHI message board forum for home inspectors.


Very well done.

This requires instruction?and they are in home inspectors

ding ding ding

This gets more and more frustrating. I’m not trying to find out how to post an image. I need to get back to the course I was taking. Can someone please tell me how to get back to the course? I hope I haven’t lost my information and have to start over. Thanks.

To get back to the course from the message board, you have a couple options with your browser: (a) use the back button, (b) close the tab, or © close the window. Closing the new tab that opened up when you clicked the link from the course to the forum is probably what you’ll want to do.

We made this video to help:

On this wood deck, I see that the planks are placed too tight not allowing water to run thru and also see that planks are not supported by brackets,thus making this deck completely unsafe and not to code.

Ben… perhaps a video on how to PROPERLY post an image to the MB would be helpful!

I finished all the work the image is there. I’m asking why credit for decks’ S and P, and safe practice. Im sure I downloaded all the certificates

This is incredible.