How useful are Self Help Books?

Found this book in the garage. The rest of the house looked like the garage.

Hi Joe!

Can’t see attachments. How ya been?

Trying to figure out what’s changed. Don’t know why I don’t see the thumbnails.

Been fine. Working 2 jobs the past 3 years. Finally walked away from the Building Official job and am back to home inspection full time. Looking forward to being back here chatting with you guys.

Welcome Back Joe!

Been wondering where you had been. Glad you are back!

good for you. just one job is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Welcome home sure missed you and all you great info. Thanks … Roy

That’s all well & good, but have you chosen sides yet? :mrgreen:

How many sides are there I have only seen two the morons and the don’t give a S h i ts:p

Joe bud, Long time . I hope everything is going great for you.


We Do Not Sell Our Clients Private Information

What books did you find ?

Roy, you just ain’t payin’ attention… I was talkin about A-Rod, not A-Hole. :wink:


I’m slow Joe ! Help me please …lol

I don’t see any recall check gimmick, 90 day warranty crap or 200% money back guarantee BS on his website.

IMO, Joe’s been around for a while and doesn’t need or rely on gimmicks to sell his services. I also don’t think he’d ever put language in his PIA that didn’t have anything to do with a home inspection, effectively allowing alarm sales people to call his clients, even though they may be listed on the Do Not Call List. I also don’t think Joe would ever sell his client’s contact information to anyone, especially unscrupulous vendors. But that’s just my opinion. :wink:

Welcome back Joe. :smiley:

Trying this again.

Here’s the book I found on top of the car in the garage. No lie.