How well do we know each other?

I am a good old country boy from the Blue Ridge mountains, in Virginia (A redneck christian). I don’t start any trouble but mess with my kids or my wife and I will hunt you down and beat the living daylights out of you (back turned to me or not). I have a long history in the construction field. I started as a laborer with a roofing company at the age of 14, and on the farm milking/ getting up hay and chores, since I was 8.

You name it in Southwest Virginia and I helped build it in the 90’s. From resteraunts like Hardees to Hospitals, a regional jail, strip malls that now have a Wal-Mart, Lowes, Radio Shack, Etc. I have been an HVAC tech with Cundiff Heating & Air. I worked building foundations with LCJ Enterprise. I have also helped to renovate hundreds upon hundreds of properties in the New River Valley and areas surrounding Roanoke.

I first got started in the Home Inspection industry almost 20 years ago. I had a booming business doing hundreds of inspections in my first two years. Yes, Andy Demaury and the 3 Bobs: Bob Poff, Bob Ratcliff and Bob Peek all ASHI and NAHI back then, had competition.

Well to make a long story short I worked all of the time. My first wife and son didn’t hurt for anything. As hard as I tried to support my family and be a man, my first wife cheated on me and I asked for a divorce. I payed thousands to my lawyer: E Wayne Sawyers, and I still lost. Her lawyer had it drawn up that almost every penny that I had made went to her and would for years to come. I kept paying insurance for her and my son as well as having to sell all of my tools just to keep me out of jail. Oh yeah the guy banging her got what was coming to him.

I couldn’t stand it no more and decided to enter the army, I had already been in the Virginia Defense Force and I loved it. I had got jumped in San Antonio and these dudes beat me an inch from my life. I had swelling on the brain and was Medi-Vac’d to Walter Reed. After my discharge home I went into long haul truck driving for CRST.

Shortly after my daughter (Autumn) was born. I married her mother and took on the responsibility of raising my 3 stepchildren. My second wife knew me when I was a Home Inspector way back in the 90’s, and talked me into either joining ASHI or InterNACHI. I chose the very best (not the oldest and most respected) this time.

I am doing things a little different this time. Yes, I inspect every chance that I get. I also have a successful lawn care company. I sealcoat a lot of driveways throughout the year and take on certain handyman jobs (painting & drywall mostly). I have found peace with God, others and myself. I like staying busy and helping others as well as the cash that comes in.

My daughter (Autumn) is a future Home Inspector by the way. Autumn is my everything, my reason for living. I had got hurt when I was timbering back in November 2013, so business is slow.

What about you (What’s your story)?

Pics help to tell a story.

More pics to tell the story.

Good to know you. Good to know on the opening line. Sort of sets the tone. Sounds like you have had some good experiences. I don’t have a bunch of time, but wanted to say hello. I am from Vermont. Some of the same type country. I am not really a country boy, I just blend in among them and anyone. Happy New Year! I hope it is prosperous for both you and your daughter and family.

Jeff, Yes Sir … A lot of good experiences and a lot of dogs (lol). I wish you and yours the best as well. If you ever plan on coming through Virginia, then give me a yell.

My story makes me sad so i’ll not write it all down today. Like the OP my Daugter and her Mom are EVERYTHING to me.

Michael, I have read your posts for several years. I do not agree with all of your opinions but I always see where you are coming from. I wish you and your family the best. Stay safe man. May you have contonued success with both of your businesses and congratulations on becoming a CMI.

Good evening Michael,
My parents family is from the same general area you are and my middle name is Altizer. My great aunt had a Ford dealership in Christiansburg. My father went to VPI. Spent much of my summers in my early youth at Clator Lake. I ran the fire trails all over the Blue Ridge mountains as a kid. Have any relatives with the name Moore?

Thanks Man :smiley: