How will your report read for this equipment?

Please comment:

“Missing primary cover allowing possibly unsafe and unauthorized access by unqualified persons.” ? :mrgreen:

Looks like a Bulldog Push-Matic.

Its a mess. Defer to licenced electrician before close of title.

Seriously though folks. . . . I can’t tell for sure ( not enough pixels) but it looks like a bunch of mouse poo or insulation at the bottom of the box, some corrosion and I don’t see any evidence of grounding ( and that missing cover of course)

Dang, this electrical panel is a stinking mess and dangerous.

Contact an Electrical Contractor that is Licensed to take care of this before you buy this house. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Yup! It’s a documented fact that mouse poo can’t be properly identified with less than 600x600 pixel resolution. :smiley:

I ordered linguine, not spaghetti.

double taps in branch circuts multiple
possible reverse neutral ( hard to see in photo)
general bad lay of lines could cause problems or fire hazard

For your amusment.

Panel knock-outs right side panels not capped.