How would you call this...?

60 + year old building (Commercial) with several additions / modifications to the structure.

I would call that pretty normal for a commercial occupancy of its vintage.

I would kick it to a licensed sparky due to age amount of extras. I’m just a home inspector but bet somethings wrong some where.


More wire entering the panels than are operational…

Picture 3

  • Upper Right Breaker labeled as “No Good”…

  • Recommend electrical review of the building circuits to determine adequacy and functionality…

That sounds like a wise approach.

I’ve got a commercial occupancy on my plate for next week that was referred by a building scientist, whatever that is. The one sentence on the electricals was “building contains fuses - recommend evaluation by a licensed electrician”. Must be a CYA thing. I’m happy to check it out and send a bill, anyhow.

Agreed…very hard to comment on older items unless we just get our hands in it and ROOT around. Images of the enclosures itself would tend to get us guesstimating.

Obviously a restaurant with a lot of add-ons over the years. Pretty common to see such a conglomeration, but there is enough here to recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician. There appear to be a number of NM cables unsupported and unprotected for starters. And is all that armored cable supported properly? Looks like some of them at least are simply run loosely to terminate who-knows-where. All the circuits are not identified as to what is being serviced. What’s behind the door of that panel box?

Make a general statement calling out the NM cable, armored cable supports, and lack of labeling, and add “and any other defects which may be found to be present upon further evaluation by a licensed electrician.” :nachi:

I am also in agreement. No sense in you getting involved in trying to decipher what is going on there. Too much of it.

I must ask, Jimmy, why would you call out the NM cable?

It’s not the NM cable, it’s the installation thereof. Not secured properly, left loose and unprotected as required where exposed to possible damage.