how would you price this out?

how would you price this out?


I tried attaching the link but the file was to big

its 17.400 SF
Two Units
Water Testing
WDO Inspection

What kind of building?
What does the customer want inspected? Commercial clients many times want something different than the residential clients.
Will you do the entire inspection or will you bring in specialists: electrician, HVAC etc…
Will the client want the specialists?
Are you qualified?
Are you insured for commercial inspections.

Now, what was your question?

Go ahead band reduce the size of them or post them on the web somewhere and post a link to them. There are many ways to produce the pictures but David has some valuable questions that should accompany your question of “How much?”.

Doesn’t really seem “Commercial”. If it’s two town houses side by side, and in the same building, just price it as your normal inspection price times two?

For some reason, I’m also curious what the “potential” clients name is? :twisted:

He never said anything about townhouses.

Awfully tiny, whatever (they) are! :shock:

$2,200 plus lab fees.