How Would you price this?

I have a client asking what I would charge to do an inspection on a 110 year old 2-1/2 story 2100sqf house that has four suites. ( 4 kitchens, 4 baths) and a boiler system. With a sewer inspection. I was thinking I would charge my regular price for this home plus $100/suite plus a regular sewer inspection. The clients are out of town and need will only receive a electronic copy so the report will have to be very detailed and accurate.

Just curious, is that different than your normal procedure?

There are many ways to price a multi-plex. I don’t think $100/unit is enough, but YMMV.
How have you handled this is the past?

What I meant by “very detailed and accurate” is this. I don’t know if the buyer has ever actually seen this house, so I can’t take for granted how much they know about it. Usually I give my report to the client in the house they are purchasing so if something is unclear to them I can show them exactly what I am talking about. Obviously wont be able to do that. Lastly I will not be with them as they read through it to answer any questions or use a different word to clarify what I mean. So I am aiming at producing a report that leaves no questions, no interpretation and isn’t 150 pages.
I have never done a multi-dwelling before in my short career as a home inspector. That is why I am asking. what is a more realistic number? ( He rephrases the original question.)

A common method is to price the whole building, allowing for common systems, and add for the apartments or suites.

But there are some issues that you need to know, such as each unit has it’s own set of appliances, fixtures, etc. May have multiple attics, etc. Often you may not be able to get into each unit while you’re there, so figure out what you plan to do about that.

You’ll need a report structure that the client can follow, and since you stated that you haven’t done multi plex before, figure out the best way that fits your report software or format.

The amount of time for the post production (report, research) may be longer than you realize, so budget accordingly for that extra time. And that should be reflected in your quote.

Thanks for the advice!

So if the clients are “in town”, your reports aren’t very detailed or accurate, lol?

We normally price for the job. But you should have some idea how much that works out per/hr. No? On site, off site work etc.

It’s 110 yrs old. Do you know if it’s immaculate because of it’s age, or has there been 110yrs of deferred maint.? Look at the listing pics. Go see the house. Or list the inspection at fixed price and unknowns by the hourly rate.

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Thanks for the advice David. I appreciate how you didn’t get hung up on the same sentence as everyone else and actually offered an answer to the question, and a good answer at that! Cheers