How would you report on...

Nobody going to guess anymore.
Look at the window sill and tell me what you don’t see?

Agreed, I do not get the issue people might have with a couple more posts and a beam and the constant need to attach decks to the house.

It doesn’t matter what we see Kevin, things are different in your world and on your computer screen. So please, enlighten us.

There is no drip edge break/rabbit cut.

Since there is no more comments here is what picture 3 points out. No proper sealant at the joint of the window sill. No capillary break either.
Damage carried on below the the deck from water getting behind the brick veneer.


You derived all that from pic #3???

How dare you challenge him. Shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

That must be a huge house. I got my divider out and those bricks are each 2 feet wide. Wow. :roll:

From today, brand new house, one of largest builders in the my area, MO and IL.

Now that was funny :smiley:

Man they sure could have allot of People on that deck. How many lag bolts did you count?

Seriously, it’s anybody’s guess as to what that deck is actually attached to.

its everything ok thiw the bolts as i see… =)