How would you report this front stair, driveway, grading photo

This 100 year old house has been fully remodeled, but the driveway concrete is cracking and heaving and needs to be replaced. There is a drop off of about a foot from the driveway concrete to grade at front corner of house.

The walkway is also is in bad condition and doesn’t properly join at stairs or driveway. What would you recommend?

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Repair trip/step hazards by a qualified concrete contractor. Replace if needed.


Have you inspected this home?
Why the KW logo in the corner of the photo?

There is a lot more going on with this home than a step down from the driveway.
If I had a real photo I could zoom in for a better view without it going to crap.


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Looks like the step is holding up the rim joist, lol.

Or the large (but not large enough) rock!!

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Gonna be moisture issues

The house that just keeps giving.

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Ol’ George has his work cut out for him.



I have not inspected yet, just preparing for inspection next week. This is the cover photo for the listing.

As I suspected.


Smart. Good stuff.

Beware the lipstick on the pig, aka. flippers wet dream!

Lots to look at… if you know what to look for.

Just keeps on giving. I’m calling this house the “rim joist rodeo”


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I am not even going to ask how you found this house in the internet. SMH :slight_smile:

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These houses are great (and there are a ton of them in my area). They are usually around 900sf but, somehow, have had 6 additions put on them to arrive at that spacious size. Porches have been enclosed into bedrooms, bathrooms have been created out of thin air and any architect driving by would have a heart attack.

NOTHING in the house is anything close to correct. There are problems throughout all systems and the report will take you 3X as long as a 4000 sf house that is 10 years old. Yet, buyer and/or agent ordering the inspection want a discount since it’s “only 900 sf.”

All this being said, there will be a long line of young buyers with zero construction skills lined up to buy it. And they will… and they will fix nothing… and the price will be 30% higher in 3 years and we will be hired again for the new buyer. Rinse/repeat :slight_smile:


Residence: Century building. Erected on an incline.
Observations: Exterior:
Driveway: Poured concrete. Various Cracks heaving and settlement observed.
*No adverse conditions observed ‘if no adverse conditions where observed.’

Walkway. Poured concrete.
Observation: Settled walkway. Not level. Adverse slope or incline.

Recommendations: Driveway and Walkway. a: Recommend a licensed poured concrete slab jack concrete repair contractor: b: Seal any cracks in the poured concrete. c: lift/jack-up any settled pour concrete slabs. d: replace the poured concrete walkway. insure the walkway height matches the riser height. e: although not required by code, install railings on the front poured concrete steps as a measure of support when traversing, ascending or descending the staircase.
Act upon any referrals offered.

Limitations: Observed from the grounds.

I don’t think its time yet. Good little starter home for the right family.

That is “agent speak” for “lots of cosmetic upgrades.” or “lipstick on a pig.”

Looks like a ‘flip.’ Expect the worst! Boxing


Or a good little money pit for the right family. I see over $10,000 in just a couple of pics. But, they could buy it because it is cute and cheap. That usually works out well for folks, NOT.

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