How would you report this system's BTUs?

Input: 80,000 or 100,000???

Trane package system

011210 015.JPG

011210 015.JPG

011210 015.JPG

011210 015.JPG

Depends on which orifice is installed. Outside the scope. Doubtful you would be able to determine that.

SC requires us to report the BTUs.

100,000 for 0-2000 ft. as marked with the star.

The output btu is the one to report, not the input.

What makes you think that?

The amount of heat heading towards the living area is what matters. A new updated SOP may some day want us to report both numbers or the efficiency but why would you want someone to think they had 100k when they really have 80k?

Why are you stressing it.?
Just report 80,000-100,000.

I somehow doubt it is a deal breaker.

The input is a reflection of how much $$ is being burned. That’s how I’ve always looked at it. Could be wrong.

I don’t report it but if I did it would be the input BTU and the efficiency range.

How many clients even know what it means ?

I somehow doubt the information would make a difference in the sale and a HVAC tech maintenance check before closing would take care of that missing information that the client would most likely perform themselves if they are that much in the know.

I can only imagine how specific we would need to be on the other components if this is needed.

How about stove BTU output,and listing all bulb wattages.:slight_smile:

Bob, like I mentioned earlier, SC requires us to report the BTUs. I just want to do it as accurately as I can since it is required.

Ok last suggestion would be to include your picture of the plate info as fulfilling the requirement.

If the overlord of HI in your state is not able to decipher , how can you be expected to.

There are limits to how far one needs to go to fullfill SOP.

I assume SOP also has loopholes that allow non compliance with explanation or you would need to climb every roof regardless of danger as one example.

No SOP can be 100% rigid.

I believe that is altitude.

It would also depend on the fuel, Natural gas or propane.

without knowing the complete rules governing the sc sop this should be questioned in a “Request For Interpretation” (RFI) to your sop committee or licensing board to alleviate any further or future ambiguity

otherwise report both in and out and cya, who knows where this could lead

Last thought.
May be a two stage ,variable speed model.

So use the hyphen.

Yes but it is two columns.

IMHO the star after “factory shipped for” selects the entire second column.

State SoP requires listing BTU’s…simple list them. Per tag BTU’s are listed as 80,000-100,000. Difference is dependant on what orifice is installed within the unit. No way for Home inspector to know which orifice is installed without some degree of disassembly.

Many package units are labeled that way.

Simply state the BTU’s are 80-100K and be done with it.


When did they start that?

I thought we had the same law…