How would you report this?

Curious to see how others would report this :slight_smile:

As to how hot the water is or the type of fuel used? :mrgreen:

Water heater appeared to be at or beyond useful life.

As “Hillbilly Energy Star®”

Excess calcium deposits on shower head.Also recommend lowering hook on water heater to increase life expectancy.

Recommend upgrading water heater capacity with an additional candle

Hot water was found to be inadequate to maintain 120 degrees maximum and needs replacement.:slight_smile:

Please be aware the anti -freeze device may need relighting after showers . So simple whats the problem?

Lime Away needed. Possible lime restrictions.

Got to be kidding… So what’s the rest of the house look like? Bucket beside the toilet to flush? Man some crazy stuff people do.

How desperate for attention do you have to be to post internet gag photos? :roll:

You mean like your NFE posts?:stuck_out_tongue:

Good one Brad,
Spot on assessment

You do not have to visit if you can’t handle it. apparently you can’t

Cruising the web to post fake inspection pics is what it is. desperate.

someone else who should not enter the NFE

My apologies, I saw the picture on Twitter and thought I’d share with others that could enjoy the humor of it. I’m new and am not privy to the ecosystem here. I’ll ask the Mods to delete this thread to avoid offending anyone else.

Your sarcasm offends me. Your posts should be removed.

OH, that’s right. You are a MEMBER, thus your posts are (with limitations) NOT moderated and will live on in perpetuity on this MB!

Suk it up buttercup, and grow a pair!

The zombie monkey thinks the human can’t handle jumping in the small cage and start slinging turds around.

Zombie monkey is a stick in the mud and doesn’t understand the concept of humor.

I’ll let you know when you say something worth responding to.

Keep trying.

“Sarcasm? - oh yeah - I used to practice sarcasm, but nobody around here understood it, so I gave it up”