How would you report this?!

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Melted igloo?.. :grin:


Further evaluation by an… :grinning:

Repair by a qualified bummed out eskimo?.. :smile:

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Now you know why they eat raw meat…Light a fire once and burn (melt may be a better word) the house down! :grin:

LOL! :joy:

I still can’t imagine eating blubber, though. :flushed:

Our kids had about 4 rows of blocks done, had a heavy rain, things changed lol…

Bummer for your kids… :upside_down_face:

Me neither…lol

They’ll rebuild! lol

Apparent alien presence.
In the absence of mature crops, extraterrestrials have been reportedly creating snow circles, portending the doom of snowmen as we know them.
Recommend immediate evaluation by a certified Global Warming Specialist and evacuations as necessary.


It is nice to see you back on the forum, Russell!.. :smile:

Hey, Larry!
Thought I’d poke around. Last few times I did this, there was so much inbred squabbling among so-called NACHI brethren that I was embarrassed to be affiliated with the lot . . you’ve seen as much as I have, & know what I mean, since 2003!
Yep, Jeanne’s been handling insps for a while; I decided to make an honest living via mold tests, teaching gun classes, preparedness training, raising goats, chickens, bees, etc -
See websites below!


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Happy for you and Jeanne, Russell. :smile: