How would you report this?

Can anyone help? I do not know how to report these overhead wires.:wink:

electric (Small).jpg

ele3 (Small).jpg

ele2 (Small).jpg

Turn the grid off and start from scratch!:D:D

I’ve seen stuff like this in korea, where was this?


Judging from this, in North America we could do with about 75% less regulation (systems would still function - and for those who kill themselves working on it = elimination of a bad gene pool. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Recommend further evaluation by anybody else but me!!!:shock:

Recommend very large main disconnect.

Wherever it is,do they even have a national ELECTRICAL CODE?

You could do an illiegal tap off one of them poles and no one would even know.


And probably not even care!

I’m not going to touch ANY of those wires…:shock:

This is the reason many countries have more cell phone users than land line connections!