How would you report this?

How would you report this pic of a catch basin in an attached garage?

Seems to be doing it’s job. What’s wrong with it?

Sure its not an oil pan ?

Is it a waste oil trap ? we had them in service areas , had to pumped by waste oil company . catches and contains spills . or did it just go into a system? Ours had two wells

I once saw a man park his car over a city (town) drain and dump his engine oil. He got caught!

I have seen the same setup in a rural property and wrote it up and advised the client they could be held liable by enviromental authorities for pollution.

It’s not oil.

I would mention that there should be a cover for safety. Unless there was one?


Why do I only see a inlet ?

It’s a catch basin installed in an attached garage, very common around here.

The drain pipe that you see should have an elbow facing down and water added to prevent sewer gas entry and debris entry as that drain pipe is connected directly to the sanitary in most case.

The added colour in original pic is from its metal cover rusting away…