How would you write this issue?

There was a ceiling fan installed in outside laundry room. The light didn’t work, so I checked to see if it was loose or whatever. Screwed it in works just fine. Now to turn it off, hey where’s the light switch? There isn’t one, so I had to unscrew the lightbulb. I know what they did. They installed a ceiling fan, where an old pull chain light had been. So how would you write this?


#1 - I wouldn’t like to see a ceiling fan inside a laundry room, anyways. While Folding clothes the average person raises their arms to fold something. This isn’t good if their hands hit the rotating blades.

#2 - Recommend removing ceiling fan from laundry room (that is mising pull chain for light) due to safety reasons.

You said it best already! :wink:


Not dis agreeing but don’t they all come with a pull chain option.
I mean they could dis-able the fan
Just a thought. (non metallic of course)