How would you write this up??

Do you see any problems??:smiley:

Nope, your in East Tennessee! :wink:

The most significant issue (IMO) is the fused neutral. How high off the ground is that?

Well lets just say I could easily change the fuses…:wink:

This was the first home I actualy just disclaimed the whole elecrical service. I told them to rewire the whole house.

Originally built before the depression, and I stopped counting splcies in the K&T. Just about anything you could ask for was there.


Don’t need Paul Abernathy for that one! :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

That’s impressive. :cool:

I have no idea what theBig deal is Sean , It was installed that way so no tools where required for testing with wet finger , Gosh you are getting Picky lol

Here are a few more for your pleasure…

What? That Sean can reach something five feet off the ground? :mrgreen:

Now that was funny :mrgreen:

Nothings hard when you have a ladder…

I bet you used a metal one too.

Is aluminum metal??:-k:-k:|.):|.)

Recommend installation of a Defibrillator Pack on wall next to service fuses for when, not if, someone get shocked … :cool:

How tall are you?

Well Frank , Once a year he has been seen running through the village with a pot of gold

Can you catch him?:slight_smile:

Now thats funny … :mrgreen:

LOL No he is a slippery one .