Howdy folks

Hey folks, new guy here. My name is Jason, been involved in construction for several years and recently - while a friend was asking my opinions while buying a home - decided I’d take a swing at inspecting.

So, being that I am in PA, how does a fellow start getting their 100 supervised inspections? Does it make more sense to start working for someone else, or is there another way to accomplish this requirement while still running my existing business? Any words of advice for a new guy?

I’ll be working on my continuing education requirement for a while today, I’ll check back in a bit.

Send me email with your Phone number and when to call.

All the best Roy

I am assuming that since you are listed as a CPI, you have met all the requirements and ready to start inspecting.
Starting off with a few inspections with an established HI, cannot hurt.
Having a Construction background will definitely help you as an HI.

I started on my own and did it part time until my back injuries and the hip replacement I am waiting for force me to retire early.

You might consider part-time to start and see if you can establish your clientele enough to go full time. JMHO

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have met the requirements to get CPI. Still have the continuing education requirements that I want to review prior to submitting my 4 mock inspections to ensure I understand the content.

My construction endeavors have been fun. Helped build the retaining wall at South Fayette HS and was a part of a deck on BHBG magazine cover to name a few of the cooler things I’ve gotten to be part of.

Part of the reason I decided to look into inspecting is because a lifetime of sports and building is wearing my body down, so I’m ready to start providing more intellectual services. Sorry to hear about your injuries, hopefully retirement is treating you well.

Crawling around in scalding attics and under nasty homes is tough on the body as well. Just in case you have not thought of that. Good Luck.

Probably a little better than repairing a sewage leak in a crawlspace or installing a furnace in an attic, two tasks I am intimately familiar with.

Thanks for the well wishes. From the way Roy made it sound, I’ll need all the luck I can muster.

Forgot to add:
Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, Roy. I know you didn’t want to sugar coat anything nor sound too discouraging, and I think you did a good job of doing neither of those. I appreciate the honesty as much as the tips.