Hows thing going in rest of the state?

In in central ca its slowin up…how about the rest of you?

Kinda slow here to, lots of calls checking prices I have 4 next week and bid a 21 unit apartment building. Just talked to the client and she said the bids were from $2K to $6K I bid $3K quite a spread :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

Still going strong in the greater Phoenix area, land of the REO’s----:smiley:


I think that 6K bid was more in-line, about what I could get here after reading your other post regarding the particulars about the complex, I would think anything less would not be profitable, that is a LOT of work for 3K…!

Inspected a 2000 sf Dentist office yesterday for $1,195.00

36,000 sf building a couple weeks ago for $8,550.00…70% warehouse.

Commercial prices here are good, but not as good as they were 10 yrs. ago.

WOW 6K that person must be busy…seems very high to me…3K sounds good to me :shock: I am trying a new mass mailer this week time will tell:D


Yeah ALL reo’s here also…just seem to STOP! Hopefully things will turn. I think Commercial will hit hard and good at the end of the year…my 2 cents…seems like theres good money in it :mrgreen:

The problem is here that everyone is a home inspector I think $1K a day is just fine :slight_smile: You also need to know that I am use to working hard for a living with tools on so Home inspection is a walk in the park for me :slight_smile:

My escrow repairs Biz is way down, I guess the sellers and banks are just giving a discount or selling as is. Most of my work is from listing agents.

Told ya :slight_smile: Surprised it wasn’t 10! They woulda paid me 5, you should be glad they didn’t call me Gary. hehe

Slowed a bit before holiday weekend… picked up again this week for me.

I think we’re at a point where the market has a good possibility of going forward or falling down.

There were some times after the last housing fallout, late in the 90’s that I’m not sure if I did an inspection for a month, if that makes you feel any better. But there was always activity, plan accordingly I guess.

Don’t know about you fella’s but I rec’d more calls this last year than any other I can remember about people looking to be trained in the field to become full time Home Inspectors, as they were “re-trained” from their prior field, via online and whatever other kind of course, and now they are ready to enter the Home Inspection Field. :(:frowning: Poor souls, most won’t make it until the end of the year. Out of curiosity, I ask them how much they paid, it’s usually $1-3K. And they likely will still post questions on this board about if it’s OK to have a GFCI next to a bar sink, cuz that’s not the same as the kitchen or bath :roll: or if a B-Vent exhaust is OK next to a bedroom window, after all it’s almost 3 feet away.

What does this mean? Lot’s o’ bodies running around saying I’ll take your money and tell you about your home, I took a class! Will this help your business?

We’ll see what happens

I told three people who called last week my price was $450 for under 2k they never called back. I see an ad for $150 special on CL I also see an architect / inspector ad :slight_smile: Yes I think about $5K would have been good but I meet the client she would never pay it.

That is the issue Gary…people think $1,000.00 a day is fine, but a serious buyer will pay twice, three times that, if you put a scope of work together justifying it.

I have never had a client say wow, that’s 1K a day, they look at the overall picture, not the 1K a day, this amount is concreted in many inspectors minds, I don’t know the reason, but you can receive quite a lot more.

Brian, you watch…!

The banks will be putting out another huge amount of REO’s in the next couple months, they been holding back on a S H I T load hoping prices would increase some, but they haven’t, nor will they in the near future, possibly in a couple years, but not in the near future, I heard this first hand from a friend at Wells Fargo.


I don’t have any problem getting $410 for a 2000 sf slab on grade, stucco, tile roof, built within the last 10 years…I was curious yesterday when another AZ Inspector said things were slow, I looked at the prices on their website, I was stunned, the prices listed were below 2000 prices…I think it was $250 for a 2000 sf Shaq built within the last 10.

That’s crazy…I would think they would be SWAMPED with unethical Realtors at that price.

I think they might be scaring people away advertising such LOW prices.

It has been Great this year Tim…I hope it keeps on keep-in on—:smiley:

Dale! Good to see ya around here!

2010 certainly has potential to keep on a truckin’

The banks may have like you said been sitting on them as prices should have gone up. If I look up property details on Zillow or any other service, they look like they are down farther in 2010 than the same time period in '09, not sure how reliable some of the services are but they can’t be that far off.

In the end, maybe all the “geniuses” may figure out that prices haven’t moved up, or at least as much as they could have because they’ve: sat on inventory, let people work on loan mods for 18 months+ and so on. Some friends of mine have been working on a loan mod for even longer than that… I guess it’s better than a loss on the books for the banks.

Either way, life is good!

Nice…glad to hear your picking up my slack.

10-4 Ole Buddy—:smiley:


You are right! I heard the same…time will tell…

There is this HI company from Whittier Ca lo-balling everyone - $200.00 for all inspections including pools, spas etc and includes travel - they are blasting all the RE offices. Other online callers are just looking for the cheapest price. I have slowed quite a bit from 5 inspections to 3 a week. Hopefully things will pick up soon!

Low Ballers dont last…Just make problems for us. I sometimes feel like that guy from the ditech commercial. Its all good tho…I will prevail in the long run.

Hey Paul - an agent from my service area moved up near you and was looking for an inspector. I gave her (Kimberly) your contact info. She sent me quite a bit of work over the past few years. Hopefully she will continue with you.