HP TouchSmart TM2T-2100 Notebook

HP TouchSmart TM2T-2100 notebook. It’s got the Intel i5 processor, 500 GB hard drive, touch screen and oem windows 7 home edition. In excellent condition ( close as you can get to new )

First $500 takes it.

Not 499.99… $500. point is I am not accepting offers on it. Price is firm

You pay shipping - Probably 15 - 20 depending where you are in the nation.

Here are some photos. This computer is like new! I never use it.

does it have cd drive?

Wayne, from my research none of HP TM2T-2100 have internal cd/dvd drives but you can add an external drive if needed. Definitely strong enough to handle any drive that someone would want to add. 4 gb of ram and an intel i5 processor makes for a good combo.

I have the same computer. No drive, but I have an external. Its small light and has been a solid workhorse for me for over 2 years now.

I use the flip over screen for reinspects. Goes quickly.