HS Tarm 500?

goog evening brothers and sisters, i have a question about my own operating system. i have an hs tarm 500 multi-fuel boiler. it is worth its weight in gold when it gets coild considering i get free fire wood. my question is, i have natural gas as primary and im not sure if the conversion blower is set right, the flame seems to be very yellow. if you have any input let me know, thanks andy

If you are looking at the flames of a burner, the flame’s color should appear blue. The flame should be stable and not waving. It should not lift off the burner. It should not float around the sides of the burner or drift out. Yellow tips on the flames may means that there’s inadequate primary air. A waving flame may indicate a venting or draft problem. It could also mean a crack in the heat exchanger. You do not want to see the flames roll out of the combustion chamber when the gas ignites. This could indicate a problem with the firing, a block in the venting, or inadequate secondary air. Look for scorched metal or damaged wiring in the front of the unit. hope this helps