HSPF - quick question

What does HSPF stand for? Thanks. Margaritas to the first person answering. :margarit:

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor …:stuck_out_tongue:

Something you don’t need there…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The measure of seasonal or annual efficiency of a Heat Pump operating in the heating mode. It takes into account the variations in temperature that can occur within a season and is the average number of BTU of heat delivered for every watt-hour of electricity used by the heat pump over a heating season.

San Diego -zero-…:smiley:

Well that certainly explains why I had never heard of it here.

Also explains why my Client, moving here from Boston, was asking about it.

Thanks, Dale.

HSPF = He stands, promptly falls, ergo, “drunk.” Where’s my Margarita?

I did have work to do, but I spent the last 30 minutes ROTFLMAO.