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If you would look over my site and tell me what changes need be made.
Eric Hughes NACHI#21011144 thank you

Eric, I think it looks pretty good but a few suggestions I would think about if it were mine.

  1. Put your logo at the top. It would stand out more. The plain text “EYE2EYE” is just that, plain. Too “black and white”.

  2. The white colored font over the stone fireplace blends in and can be difficult to read. Maybe a different color or reposition it and your “Guarantee” logos.

I’ll take a closer look when I can, but it looks like a really good start.

And for others:

Nice one Eric. Clean and to the point.

Page (1) The schedule an inspection “button”
I would put a phone :telephone_receiver: symbol

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Looks good Eric, I like what Thomas has suggested with the colored log at the top and I would include your phone number at the top as well.
As Brian pointed out, maybe a have “me call you button” many to choose from here.
InterNACHI “Call Me” Buttons - InterNACHI
Maybe switch the buy back logo to the chimney area and the text on top of the wood siding and increase the font size some then move the larger text down some.
Anyway good start and best of luck.

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Along with a prominent NAP
name address phone number

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I agree with Tom and Marc.

Thank you all for the feedback, I will definitely take all of your advice into consideration. I haven’t been able to figure out how to install the logo up top yet. this is my first time doing a website and I’m using weebly. I’ll definitely be working on it. Have to go to a job interview now though. Have to have income while I get the business started. Thanks again everyone.

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