Hub spot- tracking emails

Good afternoon,
checking to see if any of you use Hub spot to help track email clicks and opens? if so any info/ tips and tricks would be grateful.

or if you use hubspot for any email campaigns or anything like that.

little shocked no body is using hub spot to track emails. But I guess ISN, and Spectora advance probably do that for you.

Hey Patrick, how could using HUBSPOT be a benefit for you or others?

When sending out email campaigns or cold emails to relators you could tell if they opened it.

That’s it?

Okay, thanks.

People still do that?
I haven’t even considered that sort of thing since the bubble burst over 14 years ago!

I guess this is just drilled in my head from my old (9-5) office job.

There are several free chrome extensions that will do that for you. I guess HUBSPOT is one of those?