HUD Inspections

I am a fairly new inspector, enjoying it very much. In another section, an inspector mentioned that he had been performing HUD inspections…I was contacted yesterday (6/5/06) by a company in North Carolina needing an “inspector” here in the Columbus, Georgia area to conduct “inspections” on HUD housing. Got my name and email from the NACHI site:razz:

The young lady I briefly spoke with mentioned three levels of inspection; 1) an initial inspection taking 20-30 minutes to gauge the general condition of the property and installing door locks, 2) a “PCR” taking up to 1 hour and including winterizing and modest repair, 3) a routine inspection taking 15 minutes - seems like a followup inspection.

Turn around time is no more than 24 hours for any of the inspections, with up to a 20% penalty for time overages. The PRC requires a 15KW generator to test the HVAC, and a compressor to purge and test the plumbing system. Gobs of photos but at a very low resolution, etc., etc.

Can any other of you fellow inspectors having HUD-related experience give any guidance and/or wisdom about such enterprises? It would seem to me to be more of a maintenance/property management enterprise than an inspection one.

Any word yea or nay would be helpful.
Thanks, Dreck watson