HUD Inspector

Can anyone give me info about becoming a REAC HUD Inspector ?

Its been a few years, but here is the quick rundown. You will have to jump through hoops for the required paperwork. You will be required to have proof of your education and experience. If they approve you for class, you will go to one of their class sites, I went to Washington DC. Once there you will be in class 8 hours a day, except the last day, which is the testing day. The first thing the instructer or QA will tell you is 70% will fail or leave before the class is over (most times 10 to 15 people), out of the remaining 30% 2 will be let go after the field testing by the QA and the last one will be gone within a year. Nice Right.
Take my word for it, its hard, you will study every night and take little tests every day, and you better be sharp on a computor or you will be out right away.
Take note, you mus…t understand how they want the program run and the test is an actual field report. You can get the right answer at the end, but be wrong and you will fail the class. Class was free, but airfare, room and board and taxi was about $800.00. Then you either hire on as a puppit for one of the large contracting firms or bid, (yes I said bid) on available contracts all over the country. Travel, Travel Travel.