HUD Officials at NACHI Convention.

If Mr. Zelaska is looking for inspectors, he should be able to fill his needs easily from the NACHI ranks. Great partnership opportunity, Nick!

Nick, I was possibly going to be able to come down to the convention but noticed several of the classes I would prefer to take are apparently very popular and already filled. Any chance they will have some openings that I might get in on some of them? Also can I still get in for $399 or do I need to pay the premium price?
David Matthews


The purpose of the online registration was to make sign ups easier and less of a hassle. Also a counter was installed to let everyone know the status of any session. At this time with 10 days left before the start, we can make no guarantees that an opening will be available for any filled class. Slots will now be available only if a filled class has a cancellation.

We have many excellent sessions opened, plenty of space available and welcome all to attend. There’s more than one reason to be there


PS email Nick and see if he will extend the old price for you

David, yes and yes. $399 and I’ll put a chair in the back of the room for you.

What class did you want to take?

GReat, Thanks Nick, I’M signed up, see you down threre.