Huge announcement

HIP 5.2.5 Has been Released for Windows & Mac :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Note that this **WILL **require you to tweak your Cover Page design a bit if you used that feature. One of the big changes here was to add 10x as many points to the grid to move objects (vs the 3x3 that was there before). To update, log into the HIP site with your account (top right). Click your name on the top right, click Downloads. Download HIP, reboot, install.

Tons of version update notes below. There were a few more smaller items.


Added a > button to the right of Section/Item above each photo. This takes you directly to the narratives for that item.

Keyboard shortcut. Use 1 & 2 keys to flip forward/back within tabs of a section.

Digital stationery is now linked to by reference to the HIP directory. For example, this means that as long as the stationery is in the root of the HIP directory you can move the HIP directory to any machine and it would load fine. Before if the path to the HIP directory changed (for example moved from Windows to Mac) you’d have to readd the stationery.

Totally redesigned Reference Repair List interface. RRL selections save if you close out.

Removed Texas TREC headings from glossary page.

DOE code updated to work with the latest DOE release for October 2017.

Linked Images are now properly resized if selected via mobile.

The number of horizontal and vertical grids have been greatly increased for fine grained control.

Cover Page Designer properly loads with the template set to open when HIP opens.

Removed popup message occurring when you open Cover Page Designer with an expired license.

Preview interface of cover designer updated to make the design ratio more accurate.

Canadian & NZ Province now import from ISN to client info properly.

Set HIP PDF Contract page to open with default PDF viewer instead of just Adobe Reader.

When you duplicate sections on mobile now the copy will have the same font/headers as the original when downloaded to the desktop.

Fixed brightness slider on Mac when editing photos

Added the ability to add images to the cover page designer.

Cut (CTRL-X) properly works to cut and paste narratives from one section to another. Narratives will be removed from the item they are being cut from (vs copy which leaves them).

Advanced colors can be changed on comments after they have been moved to the black/red side.

ISN HTML upload wasn’t giving an error message if login information was missing.

Cover Page designer now incldues page border option.

Fixed with with small Reference Addendum photos causing an issue with the program locking up.

Cover page designer must explicitly be enabled by clicking the checkbox. It was auto selecting the first time you visited it before.

Added the ability to add images directly to the cover page designer.

Fixed bug where Contract header wasn’t appearing if cover page designer was enabled.

Made is easier to remove linked images if the images were missing (moved from another computer, manually deleted, etc)

Cover designer layering added to make moving objects around much easier. Also added the ability to stack items behind each other.

Increased default photo edit font sizes to go up to size 70 to match manual changes.

Fixed issue with text over images showing as semi transparent in the cover page designer.

Using the new HomeBinder API. Fixed agent info/client info going into the correct spots.

Address Line 2 using $ClientInspectionAddress2 will appear in any intro documents.

Fixed issue with ImageLink photos not appearing right if the section title had parenthesis.

Block added to prevent adding linked graphic narratives while batch adding photos as it was causing a conflict.

Removed “All Files” from an option when loading a license. They can ONLY loan an enc file now.

Selection and Damage Panel Description Text will be moved over properly when merging inspections.

Add inspector name/company to bookmarks to prevent illegal use of software.

Fixed freezing issue on Mac when adding photo annotations onto a photo.

Agent state entry is now saving properly.

Added an $Apprentice variable for use in Texas and elsewhere.

Default soft order of inspections and templates on Mobile Sync page set to most recent files first.

Remote Help Desk link under About menu updated to reflect new address.

PDFs inserted via the documents feature are ‘flattened’ first so they’ll appear correctly if they were form edited.

Added a Retry button to ISN upload to make it quicker to upload if there’s an issue with the connection.

Increased the number of vertical & horizontal grid points in the cover page designer to make easier to move things to the desired location.

Added an option under Report Settings->Options to turn off the company name and/or address from the header. Useful with digital stationery.

If there’s any questions just let me know.


Thank you Dom.

I look forward to downloading the new version.


Just a reminder guys, this is a free update if you’re already on HIP 5 which most of you are.


   How much is an update from HIP 4?

Normally $249 but we will have it on sale next week for $199

$50.00 off, cool.

I seem to have an issue with the cover photo while using cover page designer. I have everything lined up when designing the cover page then when I generate the report the picture isn’t in the same location as when I designed it. It usually ends up being higher than I planed and a portion of the picture covers up my logo. This was the same with all versions of 5

Where is the download link?

See above :grinning:

Ahh found it thanks Dom, disregard my chat box query! ; )

Last Man standing and not a sellout with best software and an update. Coooool.

Just had to stop by & say Hi, Dominic!
Not even sure what (dinosaur) version we’re working with; Jeanne’s doing inspections, I do mold testing & gun classes.
It’s been a long time since I was one of your beta testers & doing a NACHI TV session with you & Nick!
Come check out our area - like skiing? Schweitzer’s just up the Road!

the “Pistol Prof” Shooting School - Home
The Inland Northwest Preparedness Training Group
The HooDoo Mountain Area’s Channel 3 Communications Project (Bonner County, Idaho) - Blog

Stay Well, my friend!

Hi Russell, Nice to see you again.

Russ!png time no see. I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing well. I might make it out that way this year and I’ll definitely look you up!

“Added a > button to the right of Section/Item above each photo. This takes you directly to the narratives for that item.”

I love this new feature. It saves me considerable time on each report. Thank you for continuing to improve and for adding helpful features.

I’m glad you’re liking that! Wait until you see what we added in 5.3.5. Our bets testers are testing it right now and we hope to have it public shortly.

Now I just need a day off of inspecting to play with the cover page! :slight_smile:

It’s getting better with each update. I’ve seen some awesome never cover pages lately!