Humidifier ?

New construction, 1600. square feet with a cat 4 furnace, (all combustion air from outside), has hook up for humidifier, but none installed. I made note of it, it was in the original design, the builder cam back and said it’s not needed because all air for combustion for heater is from out side. might make some sense, however it still has a 50 gallon water heater, a dryer and a gas stove/oven drawing air from inside, good windows well insulated, what do you think?

Not required ,not inspectable item by SOP so all said and done would mention it and move on.

Just curious but why does it matter that it is new construction ?


I have found most homes have too much humidity and the addition of a dehumidifier is recommended.
I have also found most homes that have a humidifier do not clean them and they are a great place for bugs to grow .
Remember legionnaires disease

Bob you missed the point, the contractor said it was not needed because it was a cat 4 furnace. In new construction I look at what was to be installed and what was not. the specs called for a humidifier weather it is needed or not, the client is paying for one.

I tend to agree. 1-st time I had ever had some say it was not needed because the heater was a cat 4.

OK so you are saying you are looking over the architect plans or whatever.

Guess I would ask the client if they wish it in the report then as I have done that in the past.

Again I would note it and move on as we have no authority / only liability.

Bob I did note and move on, however the builder came back and said it was not needed because it ha a cat 4 furnace. and that all the air is coming from the outside. in almost 20 years it’s a first for me.
And yes on new construction I do check that the proper mechanicals were installed. like a GE water heater instead of an A O Smith. a payne A/C compressor and not a Trane. just little stuff like that can go a long way.

Obviously he was FOS .
Never do that phase stuff myself so your first post passed me.

I would think if client is paying for something it needs to be there.
Good catch.

FOS is correct where the combustion air for the furnace is taken from has absolutely zero to do with a humidifier???

Thanks all.

Bob this was not a phase inspection, client buying new construction. I just check to make sure the client is getting what they are paying $450,000.00 for