Hurricane Clip

The worst one!

Nice catch.

A lazy carpenter, eh? I mean 3-4 nails?..or, were they all like that?:shock:

I hope you guys don’t see that a lot down there. :roll:

It was for a wind mit. The others had three nails in them, but I did not check them all.

What do you think of this, made it in five mins.

404 Not Found

Looks okay, I guess…:stuck_out_tongue:

refresh :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip on refresh…:shock:

That was a really cool voice story. I like it…Very Nice! :smiley:
Can we use something like that in our Awards area somehow, I wonder?

I thought the content and such was great but a little to robotic sounding in my opinion. Have your wife do the narration she probably sounds bubblier. Just a guess but I would rather hear a bubbly lady instead of a monotone man voice. Just trying to help not bust balls. Do you have a link to where you made it? I may have seen it at the end but I am lazy and going to bed.

The Meeker would have…:wink:

Caption: Roof to wall connection was verified as clip secured with -4 nails.

It was done in less than 5 mins, I was not even sure on what I was doing to say. You have to break it into sections, hence the choppiness. You are correct the wife would do a must better job.

Adobe Voice is an app for the Ipad

I originally click it as a picture :frowning:

Looks like a perfect place to market your magnetic nail heads :slight_smile:

That’s good John!
I need to send that one to a couple of real estate agents that I know:roll:

LOL…Clint, birds of a feather…I was thinking the same thing last night. :slight_smile: