Hurricane Eta Florida

You getting any bad weather down there today?
It is going to pass on top of us tomorrow. It should have weaken a lot by that time.

Yes it is windy with bands of rain.

Good! It should die down as it hits my house… Hopefully

Sunday & Monday 50mph winds over ft of rain.
Streets were flooded, couldn’t drive.
The lake I’m on came 3/4 up the back to the house.
Front sidewalks & half the lawn under water.
25-30 mph winds today with intermittent, but heavy rains.

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I’m in Tampa and it’s been raining non stop, not too bad yet but we’re suppose to get the worst of it tonight. We’ll see.

I’m glad you guys are making it through it.
Look at where I’m at on the map.
My hands will not allow me to get my generator out of the shed much less pull start it. My son and son-in- law will help me if we need it. Hopefully!

I gotta dual propane/gas generator with electric start.
Even has a remote key fob for on/off. :cowboy_hat_face:

Cool! Mine is 20 years old, but have it serviced every spring.

We had 50 mph winds that put a tree right through some friends roof, ceiling and 2nd floor…Ouch! No one home and no one hurt but what a mess…cellulose is in every room of the house, not to mention wet.

They dodged a bullet on that one.

It came over during the night and we had no problems.

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Gusty winds here now and almost no rain.

That is a good thing.

Agreed, I’m glad it’s a non-issue. At least for us. I’ve got a couple of big pines in the backyard and don’t want to end up like Lkage’s friends!

I pulled my trucks out to the street so those big pines didn’t fall on them.

Yep, you’re surrounded!

Yep! Nothing fell but a few branches.

MG TreeOnCar