Husband and Wife team

Any successful husband and wife teams out there? Are yall now divorced LOL. Seriously though, she is great at sales and marketing. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

That is what we have done. I have never set foot in a realtors office except to pick up a key
She was very good at marketing and letting one end of the conversation go in one ear and out the other…except what she knew was important. :slight_smile:

Still married 25 years later.

I’ve been to many meetings with other top companies in the country. A very healthy percentage of them are husband and wife teams. I do not believe it’s a coincidence.

Are you talking actually doing inspections, or just marketing/sales? FWIW, the only way I could ever get my wife to help me inspect was me breaking my ankle. :smiley:

Roy and Char Smith worked as a team for many years.

Both are CMIs.

You will find that they are retired but Roy is all over the Canadian threads.


I will be doing the inspecting. I don’t see her crawling around under a house…LOL!

Mine had to break her leg before she would help me!:wink:

She lets folks know who the inspector is… I let folks know who the boss is:mrgreen:

Yes, Wife takes car of office and I do the inspections, been 21 years. still happily married. We have built a successful business.