HVAC Continuing Education

Recognizing that the more experience one gains, the more one realizes how much one doesn’t know, I was hoping to find great resources for continuing education in the HVAC field. Thanks!

Tim Hance
All Islands Home Inspections

Ive never seen any CEU courses for HVAC. I had to take a full certification course. They do offer training at community colleges and VoTech schools. Usually runs about 1800 hrs but cheaper than CEU in the long run and you will learn a whole lot more, especially if you find one that does live work and hands on training, not just theory.

I thought all one needed to know was where the thermostat was located;-) :shock:

lol…Yeah, well, that’s one way to approach it. But, then a little training might help some figure out the difference between a heat pump and air conditioner and instead of calling something a “doohickie” on the side of the outside “thangamajig” the proper nomenclature could be used. I see where there is a real need for Home Inspectors to get some kind of training beyond some of the bogus stuff being put out by the HI schools. A lot of them so called “rule of thumbs” are just plain wrong. But, it starts a heated debate and arguement if you contradict those rules and gouge put out by the schools.

We sell an Air Conditioning CD, geared specifically toward home inspectors. For those who may be interested, contact me at jjf10965@yahoo.com

Perhaps that would be a good idea for the NACHI site.

Naturally I agree but I am biased I see less training for the Hi in the field of HVAC than probably in any other area and to my way of thinking is one of the most important to a home owner if not operating properly and safely.

I have a local Vo tech that provides CE for the Hi but they offer no HVAC courses just Framing, electrical and plumbing not that I need any CE on HVAC but others sure do.

Many forget or don’t know about this

Outside-InterNACHI online continuing education (members-only)

Hope it helps!

:mrgreen: I forgot oops but my scroll finger got tired before I got to the bottom of the list where A/C is listed did you notice I said Bottom–)):shock: