HVAC Humidifier

Inspected a new home with a humidifier on the HVAC unit. I have heard humidifiers are not a great idea.

House is in New Hampshire, what are the pros and cons of using a built in humidifier?


Properly installed and maintained a humidifier can be a good thing.
Everything — people, furniture, pets, – even rocks – need humidity to some degree. In New Hampshire the cold air does not carry very much moisture – the colder it gets, the less moisture in the air – and it should be introduced into the house through a controlled humidifier of some sort.

The “con” would be a lack of care of the equipment — read the instructions for care and feeding…

like jae says, the only con is that most units are not maintained properly.

you turn it up in the winter, so the heat feels warmer

you turn it down in the summer, so the cool feels cooler

You turn it off in the summer you sure don’t want to add any water to cool air the A/C unit is trying to dehumidify.


Fer sher, fer sher…:slight_smile:

Great Info. guys, thanks.