HVAC leakage

What do you think of these cool pictures :slight_smile: The interior flooring covering was curled hardwood over top of these warm cavities.

First floor or second floor ?

What is the Camera do you have ?



Second floor, Flir B-Cam SD

My focus doesnt look very good huh? Its hard to get my cam to take nice crisp pics. Maybe it needs repair!?!

Hi Mark,

You are right about the focus.

Do you mean thye wood flooring had actually curled over these places?

Focus is easiest to do in Black/white and then switch palettes

Just a thought - recessed lights (hot circles) warming up the joist bay (warmer bays).

Radiant floor heating through air duct leakage?

Plenum ducts?

I mounted my B-cam on a tripod in a controlled environment. Took my time and focused as much as possible and slowyl squeezed the trigger. These are the pics I got. Do you think my camera is focusing properly? Is this about as much clarity I should expect out of a FLIR BCAM SD?







Hey Mark I with you on trying to work with the lower end cameras. its hard. I think thats what every inspector looks at with these cameras what can i afford. and when we see images from a high end camera Man O Man i want one… they do help… I have been working with a 160X120 camera for 2 years now and its time for me to step up to the plate and get a better camera.

You will come to a point that you will need to step up.



Focusing tip: if you have trouble focusing your camera because of low temperature differential etc. Set your camera on manual. Hit the up arrow and increase your level setting until the warmest object is just barely visible. The smaller the object the better. In low differential conditions you may have to create a warm spot (put your hand on the wall or create a reflection of yourself by using your diffused foil temperature reflect device). You can then focus your camera until the object is the largest, clearest or has the highest temperature reading. The cameras now focused for that distance. Set your camera to automatic so you can see your composition, if you wish, and take the scan.

Just passing through the message boards here, used to be a NACHI member, stopped doing inspections to focus more on IR. I came across the images provided of the warm cavities. I had an almost exact set of images from a couple years ago, it was from recessed lights below, so whoever guessed that one is prob. correct. By the way, manually adjusting the image can sharpen it up, but 120x120 isn’t going to give the best resolution. Have the internal optics been cleaned and serviced? I had a early mod. BCAM (non-SD) and unless there was a good DeltaT, the image wasn’t good, but that is true w/ even more $ cams. I noticed the BCAM SD and Infracam SD models have a slightly better image, they upgraded the sensitivity. Keep in mind, “better” cam = more expensive upkeep, repairs, and tend to have more complex elements that can fail.