If the max amp on heat pump states 30 amp and service man switch is 60 amp, how would you write this up? Over fused and needs to be changed? I know I may be over thinking this but would like any feedback.

I find many times the breaker at the unit will be 60 amps for what ever reason but the breaker in the main panel will be 30 amps. Nothing wrong with that the 60 amps is simply a disconnect means at the unit. But if both are 60 amps then you do not have proper protection for the unit and I would state it as such.


The breaker in the main panel is the one that should be a 30 amp breaker. If not I would write as:

The AC condensing unit’s data plate calls for a maximum fuse size of 30-amps. The unit is currently fused on an 60-amp breaker. This condition voids the manufacturer’s warranty and leaves the system susceptible to damage. Recommend having the necessary repairs made by a licensed electrician prior to the close of escrow.