HVAC question

I recently inspected a 2 story townhouse built in 2011. It had a Payne HVAC system with (3) zones. It was a 3 ton system for a 1,300 sq home. It had a single compressor and the zones were controlled by dampers in the duct work. My question is “does this pose any concern for the AC short cycling and not running long enough when cooling a given zone area down if only a single zone is set for cooling being driven by a 3 ton system?” Usually I see separate smaller compressors (one for each zone). Thx Bob

No problem because if it is designed properly it will have a bypass damper for what ever zones are not activated

Yes it does.
As Charley said; " if it is designed properly "
From your description, my wild *** guess from this perspective is that it is too big.
You should be able to downsize the capacity when you zone. " if it is designed properly ".

Thank you gentlemen for your responses