HVAC Quiz..

Who knows the name and size of the first office building designed and built with Central Heating and Air Conditioning, the city it was in and the year?

New York Stock Exchange – 1902.

Does blocks of ice with fans count as Air Conditioning? :mrgreen:

Nope, it was a closed system. But thats how it started, when Mckinley was shot. Sorry Jae, no cigar.

Actually you are part right, that was the first place it was used. But read my question closer.

I thought it was a movie theater.


Nope that came later, the 1st one was in Chicago, theaters were the first places outside of work that had A/C, and that’s how they kept them packed with people.

keep them coming, someone will get it!

boy if they had only switched to 134a back in 1936… but then would we know about ozone depletion?

Hi Ken,

I believe there are several “correct” answers to this question (and yes I was watching the Modern Marvels show earlier tonight :wink: )

I also believe that the NY stock exchange had the first system commercialy installed in an existing building and that the Kansas building was the first designed using the benefits of AC.




The Louisiana Purchase Expo in St Louis in 1904.

Charley Bottger’s house north central Oklahoma 1845:p

The answer is the 21 story Hiram Office building in San Antonio in 1928, it was the first building specifically designed for and installed with Central Heating and A/C, yes Gerry, I saw it on Modern Marvels, I thought it was interesting and just wanted to share it. Emphasis on **designed **and Heating and A/C, kind of a trick question, makes one think harder. IMO

My guess for A/C would have been the White House. I just figured they needed it more than other places because of all the hot air.

They had hip boots before A/C, shuffling through all the BS gets messy!

I read somewhere the reason the site for the District of Columbia was chosen was precisely because it was a swamp; miserable, hot, muggy place and the early founders figured no one in their right minds would want to be there to conduct the people’s business any longer than absolutely necessary. Representatives and Senator were not suppose to be full time careers but basically part time employment and once the work was done they were to take their butts back home to their districts and go back to their real jobs. Somewhere along the trail we lost control of things and these people have elevated themselves to star status and made the jobs permanent. Probably around the same time AC was invented and installed in Government bldgs.

Just another example of the law of unintended consequences at work.:mad:

I like this profession.