HVAC Returns

I inspected a house that has an large open foyer (1st to 2nd floor) with both Central Air Conditioner ONLY returns for the 1st floor and 2nd floor next to each other on the 2nd floor foyer ceiling. What does this do for the 1st floor air conditioner since the return is on the 2nd floor? House about 4000sqft

It ensures that you will have un-even distribution of supply air which will result in hot and or cold rooms depending on the season.

Thank You Charley. Appreciated.

When evaluating HVAC air duct design, I recommend that you perceive the system as a “sucker” rather than a “blower” device.

If you cannot remove air from a space, treat it in a properly sized HVAC system, and put it back in correct proportion, it will never perform comfortably.

HVAC systems are designed differently in different regions of the United States and Canada, if we knew where you were we could be more specific. Fill out your profile.

This is a perfect example as to why I never went after new construction when I was a project manager and estimator for a heating and cooling company. The developer always wants the HVAC system installed as cheap as possible. They could care less if it is efficient or even heats or cool properly. Hungry contractors will continue cutting portions out of a system until they can be the lowest bid.

After all a HVAC system does not sell houses. Granite counter tops, whirlpool tubs, and tray ceilings do.

Yipper its called lipstick on a pig make it look pretty paint and carpet but you still have a pig with lipstick;-)